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    EDI# 62308


Enrollment link for ALL FALL PROGRAMS will be available 7/15/17

Physician Assistant Program – The open enrollment/waiver period is now over, you will now be automatically enrolled in the student health plan and the premium charged to your student account.

The Master of Fine Arts (Fall Start) open enrollment period is 5/01/17 – 07/16/17

The Master of Arts in Teaching 5th Year FG, WDB (New Starts) open enrollment period is 5/20/17 – 08/04/17

The Domestic & International-All Other Programs (Annual), Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration open enrollment periods are 7/12/17 – 09/26/17

The Domestic & International-All Other Programs (Spring), Master of Arts in Teaching (Traditional, SpEd, APT or Flex – Spring), Master of Fine Arts (Spring Start) open enrollment period is 12/01/17 – 02/15/18